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Savvy Media is the latest chapter in a career fueled by a passion for storytelling.  A communications graduate from Hofstra University in New York, I have worked as a news anchor, reporter, and producer, in various TV markets, including New York, Missoula, and Omaha.  In 2003, after ten years reporting local and national headlines, I put my broadcasting career on hold to assume the position of full-time mom to twin boys, and later, a daughter.  However, even as a career woman–turned parent, I continued to see and tell the stories around me.  As a mompreneuer,  I created a small video production company creating videos for youth sports teams, schools, non-profit organizations, and families.   I also became an avid volunteer in the San Antonio community, building important media and philanthropic connections.  Before long, businesses and organizations began to approach me for help with their media marketing strategies.  I dug deep and got to know these businesses and discovered so many unique stories … that weren’t being told.  I saw these as opportunities to increase the awareness and visibility of their brands.  In 2014, I proudly launched Savvy Media Marketing and Public Relations as an opportunity to help businesses, organizations, and experts in his or her industry thrive in this media-savvy world. 


Call me at 610-613-9235 or send me an email to erin@savvymediamarketing-pr.com so I can hear about your business and we can discuss making it,  media-savvy.


The creation of Savvy Media Marketing and Public Relations is a culmination of over 20 years of media-related experience, knowledge, and creativity. 

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About Savvy Media
Owner, Erin Kirwan brings
over 20 years of experience as a TV News Anchor and Reporter, Business Creator, and Media Specialist. 


M: 610-613-9235



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