At Savvy Media, we know no two business are alike.   Nor should be their approach to media marketing and public relations.  So we design and deliver custom media  marketing and PR solutions.    Whether you simply need a consultant,  or a full-scale plan of execution, Savvy Media can help.

Branding & Identity

Who are you?   What makes your business or organization unique?  Savvy Media helps you develop, define, and deliver your brand.   Then, we make sure it's consistent with each media marketing campaign or message.  

We put your story in the headlines where it matters most and where it makes sense for your industry.  By getting you placed on local and national news programs, in publications, and talked about in far reaching blogs, we position you as someone who's worth reading about and listening to.   We position you as an industry expert.

Media Placement

We help you create compelling social media campaigns that attract, engage, and retain followers.  We use videos, photos, and savvy techniques to get your posts seen and shared.

Social Media

We help you facilitate smart business relationships.  We grow those relationships and foster unique opportunities for cross promotion.  We help you plan events to get you seen and make sure all the right people and press show up.

Community Partnerships

Creative Services



You want people to visit your website or facebook page, and stay.  Our creative services team works hard to make sure your collateral including business cards, logo, tagline, and website are not only consistent, but aesthetically pleasing.